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Process Post week 9

We installed Google Analytics a few weeks ago, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I know it could record the data of how many people views my blog and how much time they stay on my page, but there are too many different categories like “Sessions”, “Bounce rate” and so on. However, I know my blog didn’t attract a lot of viewers because I compare the data with my deskmate and some classmate, their numbers are higher than mine obviously. For my blog, I think most audiences are my classmates because I didn’t put my blog’s link on the other website, so I think there are no strangers view my blog. For the reason why the data are quite low, I think it is because I didn’t write any personal post, even “About” page is empty, there is no interesting content to attract viewers. And the theme of my blog is “HOBO”, there is no information about what exactly the HOBO is. Therefore, I decided to write more personal things, and first I should finish the “About” page. Hope there will be more viewers after I write more staffs.

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