Peer review #2

This week we need to do our second peer review and the person we assigned are different with last time. This time, I am looking at Athena’s blog Finding Balance. That is an awesome blog and I am really glad to view it.

First look at Athena’s blog gives me a very deep impression because of the header image of her blog, I really like that photo because of the point of view it took, and also because of the composition of the photo, it’s amazing!

Here is the screenshot of Athena’s home page, the image is great! But one thing I would suggest is the color of the text. As we see, the color of the background image that Athena choose are light grey, but the color of the title are also light, I feel that is not easy for me to read the title clearly. As well as the text on the image, which is the title of each post. As each photo is colorful, the white texts are kind of hard for me to recognize, and I think it will be better if make the fonts getting bigger. The title is “Finding Balance”, and the image really make sense to me because the it looks balance.



I scroll down the page and look at the side bar, I found that it is easy and clear to see all contents of this blog from side bar. The side bars contains recent post, recent comments, categories and so on. However, there are too much bars and the fonts are little bit small, they make the page looks crowded and disordered. As I scroll down the page to the bottom, I found that there are too much empty space on the left of the page, because the sidebar occupy too much space. I think it would be better to delete some bars.


Then I go back to the top of the website, I noticed that there is an Instagram button at the left top of the page. One thing I would suggest is to put the main menu at that place, and move the Instagram button to the side of the page.

I really enjoy reading Athena’s post and all photos in Athena’s blog are delightful. That is an amazing blog and I really appreciate it. I think it will be better to have a larger fonts and make the color of fonts more deep. I believe that Athena’s blog will be better and better, and I really looking forward  to see it!

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